About Us

Our Creation Story 

Chat ‘N’ Chill® began 25 years ago as a day camp for boaters anchored around Stocking Island on George Town’s Elizabeth Harbour. Locals, millionaire yachters, international travelers – everyone came to kick back, relax, and chill at Chat ‘N’ Chill®. Great food cooked over an open grill, a laid-back vibe, a place to play volleyball with friends and even attend church on Sundays right on the beach – Chat ‘N’ Chill® was (and still is) the ultimate barefoot beach bar for real beach bums. 

Chillatude® – The attitude that comes with a tropical latitude  

Owned and operated by fun-loving husband-and-wife team KB and Kwanza Bowe, Chat ‘N’ Chill® organically grew from a boaters’ hideaway to an international symbol for the island mindset – Chillatude®. 

Even if you’re landlocked, you can still have Chillatude®. Chillatude® is what happens when your attitude adjusts to the tropical latitude. It’s a lifestyle that’s adventurous but laid-back. It’s the come-as-you-are, comfy and cool, “t-shirt and board shorts” style of living where chill is paramount and stress gets washed out to sea. 

Gear for your adventures 

Whether you’re into boating, fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding or just chillaxing on the beach, Chat ‘N’ Chill® gear is the ideal uniform for whatever today’s adventure holds. All of our gear is built for a lifestyle that’s active but peaceful, with all the essential elements of “chill” factored in. 

21 years after we first opened our doors, our little island shop is all grown up and online! You can now order your Chat ‘N’ Chill® gear right from the comfort of your home. 

The Chat ‘N’ Chill® brand strives to adjust your attitude to meet your latitude, the one on your GPS … or the one in your heart! Order your Chat ‘N’ Chill® gear now, and keep the Chillatude® of Exuma with you wherever you go.

Website photos by Jan Pehrson and @Islandrones