Welcome to the Official Fundraising Page of MAKO 29

All of these products purchased here help to fundraise for a boat for the Exuma Sailing Club!

Captain Delano will be the first skipper, and the Exuma Sailing Club will maintain ownership of the boat. When Delano graduates to another class boat, another ESC member who is qualified and eligible will captain the Mako29 boat.



An E Class Bahamian Wooden Sloop Boat of The Exuma Sailing Club Fleet

Goal: $15,000 for a Class E Classic Handcrafted Wooden Sloop

Built by legendary Exuma boat builder, Leslie “Buzzy” Rolle

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Kenneth Delano Bowe, Jr. AKA Captain Delano

My Mom made these shirts to help raise the money needed to build, paint, rig and dress the boat in sails in order to prepare for it’s debut race during the August Monday Rolleville Sailing Regatta August 2-5, 2019.


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Letter from the Coach of the Exuma Sailing Club:



A Note from Kwanza and KB:

Thank you for stopping by and supporting our son, Delano’s efforts to build his first Bahamian wooden sloop sailboat, MAKO 29.  We are honored that our son is being acknowledged as a skilled and exemplary young leader of the Exuma Sailing Club.
We appreciate if you will buy 1, 2 or 22 shirts for your clan or crew!


Delano Skippering One Bahamas E Class boat of The Exuma Sailing Club


View our fundraising products for Mako29 - Here!